During your Costa Rica Culinary Adventure, you will be dining at some of the nation’s highest-rated restaurants!

Riverside Pizzeria & Gastropub

Welcome to Riverside, your stop for amazing brick oven pizzas, craft beer, select wines and farm-to-table cuisine. Our pizzas are hand tossed with dough that has been fermented for at least 48 hours, giving them a signature flavor and superior quality. All our pizzas and breads are baked in our brick oven. We strive to use as many ingredients as possible from our organic garden and our neighbors.

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Costa Rica Craft Brewing

In October 2010, as a dream of lovers and fans of craft beer, the first craft brewery unique in Costa Rica and Central America was born- Costa Rica Craft Brewing. Our goal is to educate our customers and consumers, beer lovers on the particular qualities of craft beer. We are now offering a number of styles of beer that go beyond the ordinary, and are produced in our country with pride and passion. Over the years the brewery has gained international recognition for our exclusive beers to Costa Rica.

Our Brewpub Plant is a large and pleasant space that involves two different environments. Our terraces are perfect to enjoy a pleasant afternoon or evening outside or entering the main hall and admire the window overlooking our production area. Come taste our craft beers in pints or Vuelos or ½ pints and immerse yourself in the world of craft beer. Come and enjoy the culture of craft beer in the hands of the pioneers of the movement in Costa Rica.

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Even the most sophisticated palates are likely to swoon at Executive Chef Marco Leiva’s reinvention of the steakhouse concept with his all-organic-and-sustainable quartet of dry-aged prime cuts from Costa Rica’s free-range ranches, garden-fresh fruits and vegetables hand-picked that morning, locally-produced artisan cheeses, and the best of the region’s fast-emerging wineries. You’ll find unique cuts like Punto de Picanha, rare delicacies like rabbit confit and quail, and new twists such as blackened plantain chips and passion fruit desserts—along with the best Porterhouse you’ve probably ever eaten.

Tres Hermanas (3 Sisters) BBQ & Grill

Tres Hermanas (3 Sisters) BBQ & Grill was Costa Rica’s first restaurant to use the classic barbecue method of slow cooking in an oven smoker Diseñ, designed just for that purpose. Located in Three Sisters Abangares, this popular venue was established in 2006 by a family of pure Brahman cattle breeders, after buying the adjacent property. Before opening the restaurant, however, one of the owners, Alejandro Acosta, traveled to the U.S. to study under Grand Champion Pitmaster Konrad Haskins, a familiar face on such television programs as the Food Network and winner of almost every competition in the world. After earning his certification as a Pitmaster, Acosta returned home to prove that if you build it they will come. Now one of the most famous eateries in Costa Rica, Tres Hermanas spawned a second location, in San Jose, in 2012.

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Product C

Seafood connoisseurs will marvel at both what’s on the menu and the sublime ways Product C’s Chef / Owner Demian Geneau presents each day’s catch from Costa Rica’s world-class fishery. A recognized authority on cooking with seafood, Geneau grew up around the docks of Cherbourg, France. After graduating from the Culinary Institute of Vancouver in Canada, he was joined in British Columbia by his brother, Dominique (a co-owner of Product C) — and they began developing their signature dishes around salmon, oysters, clams and other Northwest species. Read more about Geneau, including his influence on sustainable fishing methods, in the New York Times last year.

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El Tigre Vestido (at Finca Rosa Blanca Resort)

There is much to savor at this mountain-top restaurant with extraordinary views of the Central Valley below. “It is the home-style feasts prepared here nightly that steal the show,” Gourmet Magazine declared of El Tigre Vestido Restaurant and Bar Buho, located in the former home of the owners of the Finca Rosa Blanca Resort. “They are every bit as spectacular as the setting.”

TripAdvisor considers it the best in the nation:

We ate at a lot of restaurants in Costa Rica (and at home in Washington, D.C.). This one beats them all without a doubt. We did not expect fine dining at all, but we were very pleasantly surprised that every meal was unique and outstanding.

Following its visit, the Epicurious Blog raved: “This small hideaway decorated with local art and enormous fig trees serves up local produce–as in from 50 feet from the kitchens—cooked up with a pan-Latino flavor. One night salad came with chayote, leeks, mixed greens, and a passion fruit vinaigrette, followed by grilled shrimp marinated in ginger and garlic and served with caramelized pineapple and patacones, or green plantain fritters. Cold mango and coconut milk soup was a delicious and refreshing way to end the meal—that and a delicious cup of rich Costa Rican coffee.”

Indeed, El Tigre Vestido’s unique emphasis on Legacy Dining allows guests to fully appreciate Costa Rican and Central American cuisine by featuring dishes rarely found on menus today, as well as new fusion approaches to seasonal and native ingredients. At the helm of this epicurean oasis is Costa Rican chef, Oscar Picado, who previously served as an Executive Chef for the exclusive cruise ship, Lindblad Expeditions, and as the chef at Café Britt and the Hotel Marriott in Costa Rica.  Notably, 5% of the restaurant’s and bar’s profits support environmental projects in local community schools, as well as underwrite the costs of 75 hot meals daily for the Barrio Jesus Children’s Food Bank.

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